I'll be honest.....I have the opportunity to shoot with some of the most AMAZING people, especially as of late. I'm thankful everyday for every bride, every family, and every client that I have been able to interact with and become closer to on a personal level. Mariah was no exception.

She's my first bride that I'll be shooting this year, and I can't tell you how excited I am to do it! However, working with her has made me really think about some things, which brought this blog post about. Most clients getting married are doing so for the first time. The entire process of a wedding is SO daunting and stressful, seeing as though this is all new to a bride. I completely understand why brides get so stressed out leading up to the big day!

Her best friend Erika is helping her plan her wedding, which is actually going to be a destination wedding in New Orleans, right off of Bourbon Street, and is themed after the 1980's cult classic movie Labyrinth. How cool is that? but with these extra logistics come even more planning - and more stress.

in a situation like this, A Full Service Photographer can be a HUGE help to making sure your big day goes smoothly. Instead of someone that just shows up, shoots, and hands you a USB key and leaves you to your own devices afterwards, consider someone who is more hands-on and involved with your day. I've been helping Mariah's best friend Erika with planning some of the details of her wedding - contacting vendors such as Ashe B & Co and Bella Bridesmaids Philly to set up appointments for the gowns for the bridal party, working with her venue The Champagne Palace to organize a day-of schedule, suggesting vendors for her wedding invites, coming up with ideas for her first look and sparkler exit....Basically, going above and beyond what a normal wedding photographer would do for their client. I want House of Aperture Brides to think back on their ENTIRE experience with me, not just on the big day, and not be able but to tell everyone that I was worth every penny! You deserve to have everything exactly how you want on your wedding day, and part of what I do is to help in any way I can by putting my knowledge and network to work for you!

So after the planning session we had this past weekend, I decided to take Mariah out for a quick 10 minute urban setting sesh, with Erika as my "voice operated light stand". Had to show off the vintage Labyrinth t-shirt after all! Shes going to be an amazing Bride and Wife, and cant wait to capture her big day later this year!